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On Insta and STD

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It has been a while since I wrote my last entry. I want to talk about two main things which I noticed recently: Instagram and STD. How are they related? The answer is quite simple: externalities. I remember when I was studying as an undergrad that my micro professor taught that marriage and prostitution are ….  Read More


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I have been thinking lately about how exogenous shocks affect the economy. To do that, we need to consider first what a shock is in itself. Life sometimes brings surprises, which can be good or bad. Furthermore, these surprises are sometimes expected and sometimes they are not. For example, when your grandparent dies, it is ….  Read More

About Rockefeller

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Today I want to briefly write about Rockefeller and Standard Oil. Most of what I write here can be found in the documentary Men who built America. It can also be found in some texts written by Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, although they are not yet published, so I cannot, unfortunately, provide the reference. The summary of ….  Read More