Teacher Assistant:

  • Economics 2 (Macroeconomics), UPENN
  • Political Economics of Early America, UPENN
  • Foundations of Market Economies, UPENN
  • Managerial Economics, WEMBA (Wharton)
  • History of Economic Thought, UPENN
  • Pricing Strategies, MBA and Undergrad, Wharton


Courses taught:

  • Statistics 1, Rio Salado College
  • Calculus 1, Rio Salado College
  • Microeconomic Theory, Sichuan University

Course Reviews



"Rodrigo served as my TA when I took ECON 4560, History of Economic Thought, at UPenn. As a TA, Rodrigo was nothing but kind, accessible, and receptive. At multiple points throughout the semester he made himself available to discuss and review homework assignments with me and other students, whether after class or in office hours. I highly commend Rodrigo as an instructor." Ara Patvakanian


"Rodrigo not only exceled as a TA but also proved to be one of the most helpful educators I encountered at Penn, especially within the Economics department. Rodrigo was available to address all my questions while also showing a willingness to delve into broader discussions related to the economic concepts we were exploring. I was highly impressed by Rodrigo’s work ethic and overall character and any institution would be lucky to have him." Sophie Peikin


"Rodrigo was my TA for two advanced Economics electives, “Foundations of Market Economics” and “History of Economic Thought.”  I studied Economics and Anthropology at Penn, and Rodrigo was an invaluable guide in helping me bridge the gap between the two disciplines.Rodrigo’s accessibility and willingness to engage in discussions, both on class topics and beyond, set him apart from other Econ TA’s I’ve interacted with. In a department that leaned heavily on the quantitative side of Economics, Rodrigo helped me as I struggled to find the intersection between my two areas of study. He pushed my thinking about the socio-anthropological dimensions of economics through conversations by clarifying and synthesizing complex economic concepts and guiding me towards potential connections and linkages between the two disciplines.Additionally, his feedback on essays challenged me to think critically about my ideas and analysis through well-formulated questions that led me to rethink certain assumptions. In a large department, Rodrigo fostered a supportive and accessible environment that made a great impact on my academic journey!" Andie Pinga


"As my tutor for my managerial economics and global macroeconomics classes, Rodrigo helped me learn and understand difficult concepts in an effortless manner. His ability to explain complex topics in a simple and applicable way gave me confidence in the material for both classes. Additionally, Rodrigo always demonstrated patience for my conceptual understanding, emphasizing the value of learning. Thanks to Rodrigo's help, I was able to perform very well in both economics courses and hold a fundamental understanding of economic principles to carry with me in my career in finance. Rodrigo is the best!" - Luke Castellini